Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

We are engaged with GRI on Report or Explain Campaign Forum as a Report or Explain Partner for the promotion of sustainability reporting.
We are also engaged in the Data Partner Program as an Official Data Partner in Pakistan. We believe that our partnership will further sustainability reporting in Pakistan and will lead toward a sustainable world.
CSRCP is a campaign partner of GRI’s Report or Explain Campaign. Report or Explain campaign requires companies to report on their sustainability impacts or explain if they are not reporting. CSRCP joined this campaging to advance the Sustainability Reporting concept to businesses, not for profit and Government.

Report or Explain Campaign & CSRCP

“Organizations’ impacts are becoming more important in this entirely changing, resource-limited world, and these impacts need to be understood properly in broader terms (environment, governance and social) rather than financial terms only. Corporate Social Responsibility Centre Pakistan (CSRCP) strongly supports this report or explain approach, which enables the stakeholders to make informed decisions about organizations, whether these decisions are investment/ procurement or extending support to maintain/ obtain social licenses to operate.” CSRCP sees this report or explain approach as a step forward towards sustainable organizations and ultimately leading to a sustainable world.

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GRI has Data Partners in strategic countries and regions around the world. CRCP is GRI’s official Data Partner for Pakistan. The Data Partners collect and collate sustainability reports and associated organizational data and submit this to GRI monthly with the aim of providing the most complete overview of sustainability reporting possible. This information then populates the public GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database, which reveals trends and patterns in sustainability reporting practice from around the world. This data also allows for the Partners to be a leader in the analysis of sustainability reporting trends within their own regions.

CSRCP is the official Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) data partners for Pakistan. Under this partnership, CSRCP will track CSR/sustainability reports prepared by organizations operating in Pakistan. The information will be updated on a continuous basis and publicly available on the GRI website in their Sustainability Disclosure Database.

Both GRI and non-GRI reports will be recorded. The information tracked in the database will include: company, title and year of the report, reporting guidelines that have been followed and GRI application level, if applicable.

We would like to invite all companies that have prepared CSR/sustainability reports to inform us of reports that have already been published and let us know when new reports come out. This will help to ensure that all reports are captured in the database and that it is kept up to date.

To let us know of a report, please download and fill out the Registration Form, and return the completed form to

This information will bring greater visibility to the reports and reporting companies. We hope it will also be useful to companies and organizations seeking to keep track of reporting trends in Pakistan.
CSRCP got Training License for delivering GRI Certified Trainings in Pakistan in the year 2015 - 2019. The GRI Certified Training Program license was surrendered in 2019 due to weak market demand for GRI Trainings.

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