We are CSRCP

    Corporate Social Responsibility Centre – Pakistan (CSRCP) was launched to bring awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability among broad spectrum of organizations ranging from profit to not for profit and regulatory bodies.
    CSRCP is focused on promotion of sustainability through its service offerings as well as acting as advocacy body at national and International forums. CSRCP is a campaign partner of GRI Report or Explain Campaign launched last year. CSRCP was first organization from Asia and 9th in the world which joined this campaign.
    CSRCP is highly in line with GRI’s vision that disclosure on economic, environmental, and social performance become as commonplace and comparable as financial reporting, and as important to organizational success. CSRCP believes that identification, measurement, and reporting of sustainable impacts by an organization open enormous opportunities for organization to gain operational efficiency, competitive advantage and create shared values.


    Following article on the subject of “Role of Accountants in creating and Sustaining CSR” was written by Mr. Muhammad Imran our Director Projects after extensive research and study in the year 2011.

Seminars / Workshops

    CSRCP plans to frequently organize seminars and workshops at different forums to create awareness among business society, government, non-government organization and other stakeholder on CSR issues.