We are CSRCP

CSRCP was formed to help organisations and their leadership recognize, address and manage sustainability issues concerning their business and stakeholders. We connect the two essential components of our modern economy: the investors and other stakeholders and the corporate sector.

We understand and advise corporate sectors on positioning their organizations in an evolving new landscape of competitive markets and the investors and other stakeholders to evaluate corporate actions against sustainability and impact-based criteria. The new landscape is described through several terms: corporate sustainability, corporate responsibility, sustainability-related risks and opportunities, and ESG strategies and performance.

We promote sustainability through its service offerings and by acting as an advocacy body at national and international forums. Disclosing economic, environmental, and social performance and impacts on enterprise value is crucial to organizational success and investors' decision-making. Identifying, measuring, and reporting sustainable impacts by an organization opens enormous opportunities for the organization to gain operational efficiency, gain a competitive advantage, and create shared values.