What We Do

    We enable organizations to understand sustainability, identify organization’s sustainability issues, prioritize sustainability issue to be tackled in short term and long-term, tackle sustainability issues, develop management systems, define targets and report sustainability impacts/outcomes to their stakeholders.
    Transparency of the reported information develops trust and confidence of stakeholders. We enhance transparency of the reports through assurance of Sustainability Reports. Sustainability, being an emerging issues, is difficult to be embraced by organizations as organizations lack capacity. We build organizational capacity to enable them to deal with sustainability management and reporting issues.
    Importance of research is evident for planning, keeping in view its importance, we carryout research on different issues ranging from Sustainability tools, best Sustainability practices and transparency in Sustainability reports etc. We believe research helps in better understanding of Sustainability and related emerging issues. Once understood, it can be managed.


    Sustainability is on the top of every organization’s agenda. Businesses are under pressure to reduce costs, grow by being more efficient, & become sustainable. We work with businesses & other organizations to enable them to understand sustainability, embed it into core business strategy & report organizational impacts to wider range of stakeholders.


    Assurance increases the confidence of report users in the reliability of reported information and demonstrates accountability to key stakeholder groups. It can also provide insights on whether organization is responding appropriately to stakeholder concerns and is effectively managing its sustainability performance.


    Business today is constantly evolving and ever growing. The workforce needs to be adaptable and ready for the change. To cater the capacity building needs of your workforce, you need a full service training partner providing truly innovative and modern training, strategies and solutions.


    We conduct a variety of specialized research for organizations. This includes research for organizations ranging from government agencies to non-government agencies and companies on CSR issues.