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Scarcity of water coupled with depletion in farm land requires balanced use of nutrients to enhance farm production and uplift living standards of farmers. FFC, being leading fertilizer manufacturing and marketing company, is fully aware of its obligations as a responsible corporate entity. We are uplifting lives of millions of farmers who uses fertilizer as an important ingredient to increase productivity.
We engage with farmers through farmer meetings, crop demonstrations, field days, crop documentaries, brochures, bulletins to help them to understand efficient use of fertilizer. We through our soil analysis services help farmers to preserve and increase the productive potential of land for sustainable farming. The Company is providing quality advisory services through five Farm Advisory Centers and fourteen Agri Service officers based at regional and sales offices.
The outreach program has reached almost 1.6 million farmers to date. To know more about our Agri Services, please click here

In a land not so far, begins the story of an ordinary man with extraordinary vision and dreams. It all instigated with a quest of a common businessman to give the concrete foundation for his country. That man was my late father Mr. Abdul Razzak Tabba – a man with a vision to change the way business is done.
With high hopes and aspirations of achieving the dream, Lucky Cement was set up in 1993. The dream at that point was simple - quality cement for the general masses. Now almost two decades later, we are on the path to pursue his dream and have brought the change and revolution that he wanted to bring in the industry.
A company that started with two lines eventually rose to become an industry giant with 2 production facilities, 7 lines and 24,000 tons daily production capacity. Today, the country knows us as the largest cement manufacturers and innovators of the industry’s best practices. With growing competition and expectations of our stakeholders, we have not only taken unconventional approaches to our business operations, but are determined to promote economic growth and sustainable development of Pakistan.
My father, a successful businessman and a philanthropist, strongly believed in the idea of giving back to the communities as much as we take from it. This belief, he also inculcated in us. I, being the interpretation of my father’s dream, have invested in the projects that can develop my country and will strengthen the economy.
We make cement in most environment friendly manner possible. We make energy by using alternative fuels. We have Waste Heat Recovery Plants. It has substantially reduced our cost of production by co-generating electricity from the wasted heat, which was previously being fed to the atmosphere. Apart from saving cost it is able to prove our corporate social responsibility by taking our carbon emission to minimum level. We have now shifted from coal to Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF), generated by burning shredded tyres.
Being the domestic leader, we believe that it is our responsibility to drive our resources and human intelligence towards a comprehensive strategy which ensures the development at all levels. We believe that it is our responsibility to develop the communities that surround us, empower the youth -- who will lead this country in the years to come, provide easy access to quality education, uplift the standards of living of the less privileged and generate employment opportunities.
We believe in fair and transparent practices and always keep all the information available to our stakeholders. We have recently published our first Sustainability Report, which contains disclosures on labor management, remuneration and benefits to human resource, upliftment of the living standards of the society in general, environment management through reducing carbon footprints and efficient waste management, health and safety, community development, education, stakeholder engagement and impact of these initiatives on our financial performance. Our report has been assessed with a Level Check ‘A’ by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
Lucky Cement’s empire is built on my father’s dream. We are a Pakistani corporate giant and are spreading our roots across the globe. We have aligned our social and environmental goals with business goals to yield results that are not only profitable but are also sustainable in the long run.
From the desk of Muhammad Ali Tabba - CEO, Lucky Cement.