Sustainability is on the top of every organization’s agenda. Businesses are under pressure to reduce costs, grow by being more efficient, and become sustainable. We work with businesses and other organizations to enable them to understand sustainability, embed it into core business strategy and report organizational impacts to wider range of stakeholders.
    Our practice in the area covers sustainability reporting, integrated reporting, communication on and response to UNGC and CDP communication requirements.
    We'll work with you to explore the hidden potential of your business and create sustainable value. We believe that together, we can create a sustainable future today.
      Our sustainability consulting team helps businesses to:
      • Identify and prioritize key CSR/sustainability issues
      • Design and implement stakeholder engagement strategies
      • Design and implement employee surveys
      • Designs and implement supply chain reviews for sustainable supply chain
      • Engage in capacity building of senior management on sustainability issues
      • Produce sustainability report based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines
      • Enhance the reporting capacity to cover broader issues
      • Development of CSR strategies that can be embedded throughout the organization
      Critical role of business is becoming widely acknowledged to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Business are also expected to provide information on business contributions on a much broader basis to multiple stakeholders – such as investors, government, customers, employees and society. Demonstrating the wider impact of a business’ operations is no longer optional for businesses. Increasing information demands require trust and transparency on business actions for informed decisions. Our services help business;
    • Identify and prioritized SDGs related to their business value chain, sector and national and international commitments
    • Identify relevant targets and indicators
    • Reviewing business strategy and policies for identifying gaps
    • Integrate SDGs into business strategy through revision of policies and procedures
    • Set targets to align with ambition required by SDGs and making meaningful contribution
    • Develop new management systems to meet the reporting requirements
    • Help collect the relevant quality information
    • Contextualize their reporting on SDGs
    • Preparation of SDG report in line with leading best global practices to share company’s governance, strategy, management approach and performance and targets on SDGs.
    • Share their SDGs report to wider stakeholders

      We also help business to align their SDGs reporting with PSX and UNDP guidelines on “Minimum SDG reporting indicators for PSX listed companies”.
      Our reporting experts work with companies to prepare their integrated report based on International Integrated Reporting (IR) framework and help them to demonstrate the value creation through effective use of six capitals as per IR framework.
      Our reporting experts team help companies to comply basic Communication on Progress (COP) requirement of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) as well as GC advance level COP submission.
      We help clients to respond Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) communication requirements.